Series Features

Changes to Sturmpanzer IV after the first series

Second Series
  • Pistol port added to each rear-side of body
  • Gun barrel armor was lengthened
  • Roof changed: two piece gunners hatch was eliminated, new ventilator was added
  • Only one antenna on the right side
  • Angle iron in front of both the commanders and the loaders hatches to ricochet bullets
  • Armor plate added to drivers vision port
  • Large basic-issue-item container was moved to the left side
  • Air filters in some
  • Two additional mountings for replacement road wheels
  • Armor plating above muffler to help load rounds
  • New side skirt brackets
  • Zimmerit
Overhauled First Series
  • New roof design same as Series Two
  • Ausf. E’s were upgraded to new standard parts, mufflers, and brake maintenance access panels
  • New side skirt brackets
  • Zimmerit
Third Series
  • New periscope drivers vision port
Fourth Series
  • Redesigned superstructure with bow machine gun, front side angles where removed boxing out the front plate
  • Redesigned roof to accommodate new copula, bow machine gun and the change in angle of the superstructure sides
  • New commander’s copula, used Stug design
  • Mountings for replacement road wheels reverted back to only one per side
  • Steel road wheels, this could be from 2 to 4 to all 8 per side or none at all
  • Copula mounted machine gun (MG 42)
  • Zimmerite, only until September then discontinued
Armor bolted to the front of the hull
  • Based on photo evidence all Sturmpanzer had lower front bolted armor
  • Only series 1 had center front bolted armor (this is the vertical font hull armor behind the spare tracks, it was not needed with H & J hulls because they had a single 80mm plate)
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