Chassis Features
Sturmpanzer where produced on Panzerkampfwagen IV chassis, the breakdown of chassis versions used is as follows:

  Ausf E-F 8
  Ausf G 52
  Ausf H (rebuilt) 14
  Ausf H (new) 60
  Ausf J (new) 172

PzKpfwgn IV ausf. H and ausf. J features

Ausf H (May 43)
  • Reinforced final drive
  • Reinforced turret roof plate
Features introduced during production
  • (Jun 43) 80mm solid front plates on hull and superstructure
  • (Jun 43) dropped visors on superstructure sides
  • (Sep 43) adding of zimmerite
  • (Sep 43) converting to welded bump stops and forged hub caps
  • (Oct 43) steel return rollers and cast idler wheel
  • (Dec 43) interlocking the front hull plate
  • (Jan 44) bolting cover over the Nahverteidigungswaffe hole in turret roof
  • (Feb 44) dropping of Filzbagfilter
Back fitted features
  • (Dec 44) welding a coupling for tow bars in hull rear
  • (Jan 45) copula hinge to lie flat
Ausf J (Feb 44)
  • Removing muffler for turret traverse engine
Features introduced during production
  • (May 44) eliminating the visors and pistol ports in turret side hatches (not completed)
  • (May 44) squaring cover for radiator filer caps on rear deck
  • (Jun 44) welding 3 Pilze (sockets) on turret roof for mounting 2 ton jib boom
  • (Jul 44) strengthen superstructure roof to 16mm
  • (Jul 44) strengthen armor cover over turret exhaust fan
  • (Aug 44) Flammentoeter mufflers
  • (Sep 44) drop Zimmerite
  • New copula hatch??
  • (Oct 44) cutting arc out of side of turret exhaust fan for Nahverteidigungswaffe
  • (Oct 44) extending hull sides and drilling for tow eyes
  • (Dec 44) reducing return rollers to 3 per side
  • (Dec 44) welding a coupling for tow bars in hull rear
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