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Miscellaneous NARA Guides
Roll list for SS Officers, Microfilm Publication A3343, Series SSO - 22 pages PDF (<1 MB)
Membership Applications to the NS-Frauenshcaft/Deutsches Frauenwerk, A3344 PDF (<1 MB)
Roll List for Berlin Document Center Library Collection, A3345-B - 237 pages PDF (3 MB)
Guide to German Military Situation Maps - "LAGE OST" (Eastern Theater), 1939-1945 PDF (3 MB)
Guide to German Military Situation Maps - Other European and North African Theaters, 1939-1945 PDF (5 MB)
M1743 - Guides to the Microfilmed Records of the German Navy, 1850-1945 PDF (<1 MB)
T75 - Office of the Plenipotentiary for the Serbian Economy PDF (<1 MB)
T176 - Data Sheets to Microfilmed Captured German Records PDF (<1 MB)
T249 - Microfilms of German Foreign Ministry Records Received by the U.S. Department of State on the German White Book PDF (<1 MB)
T264 - Records of the German Foreign Office Received by the Department of State from the British Museum PDF (<1 MB)
T821 - Guide to Collection of Italian Military Records, 1935-1943 PDF (<1 MB)
T971 - Von Rohden Collection of Research Materials on the Role of the German Air Force in World War II PDF (<1 MB)
T973 - Guide to the Collection of Hungarian Political and Military Records, 1909-1945 PDF (<1 MB)
Finding Aid for T1022 - Records of the German Navy Operational Commands in World War II PDF (32 MB)
Finding Aid for T283 - German Military Field and Technical Manuals, 1910-1945 PDF (86 MB)