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Series 2 & 3

Sturmpanzer Spotters Guide

Sturmpanzer Spotters Guide - Series 2 & 3

"Production of the mid versions of the Sturmpanzer began in October of 1943 and concluded in May or June of 1944. Around 80 units of the mid versions of the Sturmpanzer were produced, but if one takes into account the 40 or so overhauled Series 1 during that period then the number of Sturmpanzers with the mid features is closer to 120. This would also make the overhauled Series 1 and Series 2 Sturmpanzer more common than the drivers periscope mounted Series 3. The Series 2 and Series 3 Sturmpanzers are identical in almost all aspects except the driver’s port. All mid’s did not have the periscope drivers vision port only the later ones. The early-mid’s (Series 2) had the same driver's port as the Series 1. It is a frequent occurrence that a Sturmpanzer with the early driver’s port is automatically assumed to be a Series 1 but this is not necessarily the case. The driver’s port alone cannot be used as a means to identify the version of a Sturmpanzer. "
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