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Series 1

Sturmpanzer Spotters Guide

Sturmpanzer Spotters Guide - Series 1

"Sturmpanzer Abteilung 216 was the only unit to field this first series in its initial configuration so these Series 1 Sturmpanzers would only see action in Russia. The initial shipment of 20 Sturmpanzer were shipped in April 1943, with the balance of 39 being shipped in May 1943. A total of 59 Sturmpanzers were delivered, 45 being required to outfit a full battalion. They arrived in time to participate in Operation Citadel and were finally withdrawn in late 1943 to be sent to Vienna for overhaul. At this time about half of the Sturmpanzers remained. These overhauled series 1 would see service in both Italy and Western Europe."
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