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Volume 1, Issue 6 November 2016

In this issue we provide several sets of documents regarding the formation of the German Panzerzerstorer units as well as unit status reports for some of the units. We will also be changing the free documents provided to those who subscribe to the newsletter to a K.St.N. set for a 1944 Tiger Battalion. This is 5 tables and 27 pages and is available to current subscribers for downloaded below.

Larry Schaeffer continues to provide his work on early war K.St.N. with Book 2, which can be downloaded below. This e-book covers the motorized Schützenregiment dated February of 1941.

We have also added a German Situation Map to the document downloads. These are high resolution color maps and can be very informative as they indicate the units being employed in the areas covered by the maps. Hope they are of interest.


The Missing K.St.N. of the German Army of WW2

This Booklet covers the recreation of the K.St.N.'s of the Schützenregiment organizations of the German (1941) early war Panzer Divisions.

51 pages : 10 charts : 11 K.St.N.'s
by Larry G. Schaeffer
Get Book 1
Heavy Tank Battalion (Tiger)

Free download - 1944 Heavy Tank Battalion "Tiger", K.St.N set (5 tables) and orders refitting 4 Tiger battalions in August & September 1944.

Panzerzerstörer Battalion

The German Panzerzerstörer battalions were formed in the fall of 1943 around the new R.Pz.B.54 (panzerschreck) weapon. We are providing two sets of documents, the orders forming of these units as well as unit status reports for some of these units. The full K.St.N. set is also being made available temporarily as a free download. The German manual on the R.Pz.B.54 can be donwloaded below in the German Manual section.

  • K1011 - K.St.N. Set
  • A115 - Orders
  • A116 - Unit Status
K1011 A115 (30MB) A116 (70MB)
Situation Maps
These are high resolution, color German situation maps.

Lage Frankenreich - Situation map of Holland on September 18th, 1944.
(JPG / 24 MB)

Archive Documents
Pz. Grenadier Division 1944
K.St.N. List

Organizational diagram and K.St.N. list of the 1944 Panzergrenadier Division.

Intel Reports
Jagdpanzer IV

ETO Ordnance Technical Intelligence Report - 7.5 cm. Stu.K. 42 mounted on PzKpfw IV chassis.

German Manuals
Panzerschreck - R.PzB.54

German manual on the Panzerschreck, 8,8 cm R.PzB.54
(18 pages, 75 MB)

Projects in Work
  • K.St.N. List for 90.Panz-Gren.Div.
  • German Manual on the Sd.Kfz. 261
  • U.S. Intel Report - M10/Panther
  • 1943 Panzer Division Organization
  • s.Pz.Jäg. - Hornisse Organization
  • K.St.N. List for Wiking Pz-Gren.Div.
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NARA Roll Downloads

I have had multiple requests for files from John Calvins FTP site. It seems not everyone is able or setup to connect to his FTP and therefore do not have access to the files. Since I was downloading some of his panzer division files I thought I would download them all over time and share them in division batches.
I have no control over the content and quality of the material, I am simply downloading and zipping them up.

T315 R00952.Pz.Division162 MB
T315 R01113.Pz.Division103 MB
T315 R01123.Pz.Division169 MB
T315 R01133.Pz.Division165 MB
T315 R01153.Pz.Division95 MB
T315 R01163.Pz.Division183 MB
T315 R01173.Pz.Division161 MB
T315 R01393.Pz.Division216 MB
T315 R01403.Pz.Division234 MB
T315 R01653.Pz.Division141 MB
To look up the content of the rolls before downloading use this NARA Division Guide (250MB)

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