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Panz.Div.43 - Artillery Regiment K.St.N. Set


Tables in set:
410 01.Nov.41 HQ’s Artillery Regiment (motorized)
577 01.Nov.41 HQ’s Battery Artillery Regiment (motorized)
545 01.Nov.41 Observation Battery (motorized)
407 16.Jan.43 HQ’s Artillery Battalion (self-propelled)
583 16.Jan.43 HQ’s Battery Artillery Battalion (self-propelled)
431b 16.Jan.43 Battery Light Field Howitzer 18/2 (self-propelled)
461b 16.Jan.43 Battery Heavy Field Howitzer 18/1 (self-propelled)
406 01.Nov.41 HQ’s Artillery Battalion (motorized)
585 01.Nov.41 HQ’s Battery Artillery Battalion (motorized)
435 01.Nov.41 Battery Light Field Howitzer (towed)
463 01.Nov.41 Battery Heavy Field Howitzer (towed)
457 01.Nov.41 Battery 10 cm Cannon (towed)

These K.St.N. are reproductions as the originals were of very poor quality. These are exact copies and all items from the originals are present.

$ 6.00