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Panz.Div.43 - Reconnaissance Battalion K.St.N. Set


Tables in set:
1109 gp. 16.Jan.43 HQ’s Armored Reconnaissance Battalion
1113 gp. 01.Mar.42 Light Panzergrenadier Company (armored)
1162c 05.Mar.43 Armored Car Company (version c)
1162 01.Nov.41 Armored Car Company
1138 01.Nov.42 Heavy Armored Car Platoon (7,5 cm)
1121 gp. 01.Nov.41 HQ’s Heavy Panzergrenadier Company (armored)
1124a gp. 01.Mar.43 Engineer Platoon (armored)
1123a gp. 01.Mar.43 Infantry Gun platoon (armored)
1145 gp. 01.Mar.43 Heavy Anti-Tank Platoon (armored)
1125 gp. 21.Dec.42 Heavy Gun Platoon (armored)
1181 01.Feb.41 Light Column, Reconnaissance Battalion

These K.St.N. are reproductions as the originals were of very poor quality. These are exact copies and all items from the originals are present.

$ 6.50