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Panzergrenadier Regiment (Regimental Units Only)

Panz. Div. 1943

Tables in set:
1104 (gp)01.Nov.41HQ Panzergrenadier Regiment (armored)
1153 gp1.Feb.41HQ Company Panzergrenadier Regiment (armored)
1145 gp1.Mar.43Heavy Anti-Tank Platoon (armored)
113020.Jan.43Flamethrower Platoon (armored)
1120a1.May.43Heavy Infantry Gun Company (self-propelled)
1921.Feb.41Antiaircraft Company (self-propelled)

These K.St.N. are reproductions as the originals were of very poor quality. These are exact copies and all items from the originals are present.

$ 6.00