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Combined Services Detailed Interrogation Center

These documents are part of a series of prisoner of war interviews conducted by the British Army and various intelligence agencies between 1942 and 1947.

The Ardennes OffensivevariousPDF
AMT III (SD Inland) RSHAOhlendorfPDF
German Deception Plan in May 1940RandewigPDF
Bomb BallisticsN/APDF
Command of Armored Formations in Battlevon ManteuffelPDF
SS Hauptam and the Waffen SSBergerPDF
Notes on the Waffen SSvon HerffPDF
Cooperation Between Germand Army and GAFHalderPDF
Reflections of a German Tank Generalvon ManteuffelPDF
Conversations between Senior Germand OfficersVariousPDF
Conversations between a.D. Halder & Müller-Hillebranda.D. Halder & Müller-HillebrandPDF