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NARA How-To Videos

Videos on how to order Foreign Military Studies and microfilm from the US National Archives web site. The videos are in HD 720p; you may have to switch to that resolution manually.

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Below is a guide that will help with ordering FMS and microfilm from the US National Archives.

NARA Ordering Guide

Index for Free and Low Priced NARA Rolls
A search tool for those that collect or search for NARA German document rolls. Before I order from NARA I check to see if the roll I need is availble from a more reasonable source. This tool allows you to search for a specific roll to see if it is available from one of the included free or low priced sources.


Guides to German Records Microfilmed at Alexandria, Virginia
The guides on this page are from Publication T733.

For convenience we have grouped Army Groups, Panzer Armies and the Armies guides into a single file as well as all Corps guides and Division guides. If you use the bookmark feature of Adobe you can see bookmarks for each of the individual guides. The OKH guides have some of the rolls out of sequence, making it difficult to locate them. The file below compiles information from all the guides into a single file with the roll numbers in consecutive order. They can be downloaded using these links:

- Guides for Army Groups - 27 MB
- Guides for Armies - 120 MB
- Guides for Army Abteilung - <5MB
- Guides for Corps - 92 MB
- Guides for Divisions - 253 MB
- Guides for OKH(T78) - 95 MB

Below are guides 1-99 (less 89) from Publication T733.
By default all guides will be listed and sorted by guide number, to view a specific category of the guides use the menu located on the left.

Guide Download List

Viewing Air Force

242 Records of Headquarters, German Air Force High Command (OKL). PDF (7.1 MB)
9210 Records of Headquarters, German Air Force High Command: OKL (Part II) PDF (12.3 MB)
252 German Air Force Records: Luftgaukommandos, Flak, Deutsche Luftwaffenmission in Rumänien. PDF (4.7 MB)