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It is typical to see the versions of the Sturmpanzer described as early-mid-late and these designations have been used so heavily that it is often overlooked that there were actually 4 versions of this vehicle. Even if four versions are identified do to errors in some publications what the four versions are can also be a bit unclear.

The four versions are as follows:
• Series 1 (early)
• Series 2 (mid, I call this the early-mid)
• Series 3 (mid, I call this the late-mid)
• Series 4 (late).

The Series 2 and Series 3 are identical in all aspects except the drivers port, all mid’s did not have the periscope drivers vision port only the later ones. The early-mid’s had the same driver's port as the Series 1 (early). Unfortunately there seems to be no record of how many of the early-mid’s were produced, we do know that a combined 80 units of the mid’s were produced. We know that 60 were produced on new Ausf. H. chassis and 14 were on remanufactured Ausf. H. and the last 6 were probably Ausf. J’s.


  1.01 - JJF Sturmpanzer IV Vol. 1  
  1.07 - Panzer Tracts 8  
  1.11 - Pz IV and its Variants  
  2.01 - Production/Deliveries  
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