Production/Delivery Chart Analysis

Production numbers were as follows:
• 60 Series 1 (approx. 36 where rebuilt in Vienna, my estimate)
• 80 Series 2 & 3 (24 - Series 2, educated guess based on chassis deliveries and photo evidence)
• 166 Series 4 In the Chassis columns Blue means Ausf. H chassis, Red indicates rebuilt Ausf. H chassis, and Black are Ausf. J chassis.

There were 172 Ausf. J chassis delivered; since Duisberg only manufactured 166 series IV the remaining 6 chassis had to go to Vienna. I am not sure how reasonable this is but I show it as a split for March 1944 since 10 where delivered that month and only six where needed at Vienna.

In September 1944 there were 19 Sturmpanzer produced but only 16 chassis available. Maybe there is an error in either the chassis delivery or the production documents.

The reworked column: The number of units delivered exceeded the number produced by 62, these must be remanufactured vehicles. About half of the Series 1 vehicles where reissued after being overhauled to Series 2 specs. The months shown on the chart indicate the latest possible month these vehicles could have been delivered and keep the inventory from dropping below 0. This does not mean they were issued these months as they could have been issued earlier but they would not have been issued any later.

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